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Monday, December 20, 2010

Spruce Up Your Monday Worldview

It's T minus 5 days until Christmas. With the hustle and bustle of our crazy holiday schedules, it can be super easy to get sucked into "My Own Little World" and forget about the needs of others. Like that inevitable Christmas present stashed in the back of the coat closet, collecting dust until spring cleaning rolls around.

So what can we do to get outside our own lives and help those in need?

-Swap your morning latte or afternoon hot chocolate for life-saving water.
Give the gift of life by donating money for sanitary drinking water around the world.

A wonderful group of kids at the school I work for have partnered with H2O For Life, a fantastic organization that provides clean drinking water, hygiene, and sanitary education to schools in developing countries.  

Even just a few dollars can make a world of difference to these children.

As my Grandma Betty so wisely says, "When you give, you are the receiver."

[Images via: H2O For Life]


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