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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eat, Drink & Be Married ♥

One of my dearest friends, Dana - we met in first period AP English our junior year of high school - is getting married in just a few months!! I couldn't be happier for her and her lover boy. The love of the Lord shines so brightly through them and I'm so excited to see what He has in store for them in the future.

Although the wedding is in March, we're taking a little pre-wedding girls' trip tomorrow. Planning an upcoming bachelorette party for your BFF? Here are a few ideas that are sure to make the bride-to-be's festivities truly unforgettable:

1. Ask the bride what she wants to do. It seems almost silly because of course she wants to spend a whole day at the spa . . . right? Well, maybe not. Depends upon the bride. Safest course of action? Just ask her. She'll likely have her own idea of what a perfect party/trip/night out with the girls looks like.

2. To go out of town or to stay in? If the future Mrs. doesn't have a preference either way, consider the cost for each girl's budget as you plan away. While a few on the guest list can spend $200 on a weekend trip, others may not be so lucky. The bottom line: cost friendly = guest happy.

3. Invite only/all of the bride's closest friends. Again, this may seem obvious but it's always good to run over the guest list with her to make sure no one important is left out, as well as preventing awkward situations with that-girl-from-work-you-thought-she-knew-but-doesn't-really.

4. Once you've nailed down the place, activities and guest list, start all decoration and food shopping well in advance. Give yourself plenty of time to make a list of everything you'll need, plus time to price check at a few stores before finally deciding on the pefect obnoxious tiara and sash. Check and check.

5. Be sure to send out friendly reminders - what to bring, when to arrive, how much each girl owes for the hotel room. If it's a lingerie shower, too, don't forget to include the bride-to-be's sizes so she doesn't have lots of, um, ill-fitting new outfits for her honeymoon.

[Image via: Paper & Cake]

Does party planning run in your blood? What are some of your tips for throwing the ultimate bachelorette party?


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