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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Road Trippin' Rules

This past weekend, my roommates and I packed our Vera Bradley duffels and headed down south to Charlotte, North Carolina. Traveling - especially taking a road trip - is one of my favorite things to do.  My family has dubbed me "Roadtrip Warrior" because of frequent trips across state border lines.  Here are a few tips I've picked over the years that can save you a whole lot of Tylenol and throbbing headaches as you' set off on a holiday car trip through the mountains or long drive to spend Christmas with the in-laws.

1. On the road, compromise is key. Although CS and CM aren't usually FSU fans, they temporarily supported the Noles for 48 hours, seeing as I'm a huge fan and we were headed to watch them play in the ACC Championship. 

CS showing off her Seminole pride
(Now CM may try to object to the above statement but there's no denying she did the Warchant a few times).

If one person wants to eat at a sit-down Mexican restaurant and another insists upon having Italian for lunch, then y'all will get nowhere without coming to some kind of an arrangement .  Maybe you can agree to stop at Mexican on the way there and then get Italian on the way back. Done and done.

2.  Not everyone in your car wants to hear the newest Glee soundtrack 7834 times.  I know, it's hard to believe, right? Especially considering their fantastic renditions of Empire State of Mind and Forget You, but that's beside the point.  Instead of blaring poppy goodness on repeat, let each person play one CD/playlist of their choice.  By taking turns with the music, you'll have a fun variety of songs to listen to and won't be forced to deal with a friend's, bless their heart, love for screechy techno beats or polka jams the whole way.  Plus, they might realize they do appreciate Glee a little more than they initially thought.

3. If it smells, keep it at home.  Whether it's nail polish, Chinese food, or scented lotions - unless everyone in the car wants to be breathing in glitter and peaches for 8 hours, be considerate and refrain from using/eating it.  As my good friend Lauren Elizabeth likes to say, "Funyuns are not road-trip friendly food."  And she's right.  Four Little Trees Car-fresheners later and your car still smells like stale onions. Not okay.

In the car? Forgetaboutit
4. When figuring out who will pay for gas, discuss all costs before getting on the road.  Nothing says awkward like the following conversation.  "Okay, the E light just came on.  It's you turn to fill up."  "Wait, what? I thought I was just along for the ride."  "Umm, no.  Where did you get that idea?"  Avoid any confusion by deciding prior to the trip that everyone will buy 2 tanks or you will each fill up one way.

5.  Be prepared. Load up anything you think you may want while on  the road.  Here's a look at what I like to bring:

-Yummy trail mix
-Refillable water bottle
-A book, my Bible, and some magazines
-Emergen-C packs [for a quick pick-me up] 
-My trusty iPod plus headphones when it's time to snooze
-Catchphrase [such a fun game!]
-Cellphone and handy-dandy car charger

Plus, it's important to remember things you may need in case of battery failure/flat tire/etc. such as:

-A flashlight
-First Aid kit
-Blankets and extra warm clothing
-Spare tire plus repair kit
-Protein bars and enough water for everyone

6.  And the most important thing to remember is to have a lovely time! Throw your bags in the back, set the GPS, and enjoy the open roads.

What are some of your tips for a great road trip? Anything you always do while traveling? Or something you must bring with you?

[Image via: Frito Lay]


Crystal Marie said...

Excellent post! I love it!
I would also add the following:

--ALL details should be clearly outlined without giggly shrieks and rushed through conversation. Date/time of departure/return included.

--Consideration should be given for all contributions for the ride, financial or not. For example, if one person's family hosts the guests (covering lodging costs for two nights), that should be considered in the gas contribution. Also, the person who puts the extra miles on the car should get special consideration.

For the millions of readers out there: Not only did CM refuse to engage in the racist war chants that included commands to scalp, she threw up the sign for the rival school in all pictures.

--Bless your heart, Lorin.

Crystal Marie

Lorin Drinkard said...

Those are really good additions to the list. Thanks for giving your input! No, byh, Crystal :)

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