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Monday, December 27, 2010

Spruce Up Your Monday for Under $10

Hope y'all had a lovely Christmas! And coming up next - get out your sequins, sparklers, & champagne - it's New Year's Eve.

Whether you're back at work or still enjoying time with family & friends, here are some fun ideas that won't wear a hole in your pocket and will help occupy your time until Friday night rolls around.

1. Turn on your favorite Pandora station & have an impromptu dance party as you clean the house or take down Christmas decorations. Cost: FREE. Bonus: Burn about 74 calories per 15 minutes you shake your groove thing, according to Diet Bites.

2. Wondering what to do with that really terrible present from your well-meaning Great Aunt Martha? Donate unwanted gifts to your church's outreach program or drop them off at your local Salvation Army. Cost: A few $ for gas but basically FREE. Bonus: Be a blessing to those who are in need. Greatest. feeling. in. the. world.

3. Put on your cozy sweater and leggings, then head over to an ice skating rink near you. Whether you're looking to skate in Tampa or Washington D.C., it's bound to be an afternoon of wintery fun. Cost: Around $10 for most ice rinks, including skate rentals. Bonus: Burn over 300 calories per hour.

4. Still deciding what to wear for NYE? Check out this article on dazzling do's and don'ts of party style for a little dose of inspiration. Cost: FREE - not including the sudden urge to go out and buy something shiny, of course.

[Image via: Media Bistro]


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