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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today was a snowy day

It's heeere.  The powdery white stuff finally arrived in Arlington early this morning.

My apartment complex was cov-ered.

I have a feeling it's going to be a love/hate relationship this winter.

Things I ♥ so far about snow:

-How peaceful everything looks blanketed in white.
-Bundling up in my cozy down jacket and walking around town.
-Christmas song lyrics = totally coming true [It is a Winter Wonderland!].
-Seeing the faces of little kids [and big kids at heart] light up with excitement as they run around & scoop up big glovefuls.
-Snowball fights.
-Looking outside my office window and seeing the eager middle schoolers eating snow off the picnic tables for lunch. Priceless.
-Snow days. Although there was major snowfall today, unfortunately, school was not canceled. But here's hoping we'll have one soon.

 Snowy day as viewed from my office window.

Things I don't like so much:

-How slippery the roads are.
-The added 20+ minutes it takes to get anywhere.
-My poor Corolla wasn't made for this. At all.
-How slippery the sidewalks are.
-Skidding into curbs at stop signs on uncleared roads. [Don't worry, Mom & Dad, the car & I are both fine.]
-Fun events canceled because of the gross, icy roads.

So is this Florida Girl prepared for all the snow we're going to get this winter? Umm, hardly.  Will it be a great, experience of a lifetime? Absolutely.

Stay warm & carry gloves,



I Do Declare said...

Is DC not the most beautiful town with a little snow?? I loved driving home through Capitol Hill last night, peaking into everyone's Christmas homes. Shockingly, traffic on the Beltway wasn't terrible either - that makes enjoying the snow a WHOLE lot easier! Happy Friday!!!!

Lorin Drinkard said...

You are absolutely right! A [little] snow makes the world a better place. And praise the Lord for a short commute!!

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