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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who Knew Feet Could Be So Photogenic?

And y'all thought I was kidding. For reals though. Total foot models*,
am I right? 

Saturday morning was spent with adorbs couple-friends (they're married
& we're all friends) Sarah + Craig in their lovely Arlington neighborhood. 

Let me just say Sarah and I are soul sisters. As in, we-are-so-alike,
separated-at-birth sisters in Christ. When I had just moved to Virginia and
visited Frontline, she was the first person I met that
Monday night. Signing up for her small group was one of the best
decisions. ever

The Heckmans are stellar. After living in Kosrae (as in, Micronesia!) for
10 months, this is their first Christmas back in the States. You can
read alllll about their adventures in living overseas on their blog here.  

After properly hydrating ourselves (coffee, whaaat!), we transformed the
inside of  their living room into a wintery Christmas-land, before heading
outside to take for more Christmasy photos.

*Btw, Mrs. Heckman, you inspired the close-up shot above. Do those
shoes look familiar? Word on the street is you have a similar pair...

Like they say back home, if you can't hide it, decorate it.

Team Heckman all the way.

Do you see what I see? hint: it starts with l and ends with o-v-e.

These two were all smiles the wholeeee morning.

All lights on and we're good to go.

Good golly. this might be on of my absolute faves.

In black and white.

Just two peas in a pod, I tell you.

After we finished indoors, we bundled up and strolled down to the
W&OD path a couple blocks away. And what should we see just
before our eyes?

Oh, you know. Just THE perfect Christmas-tree-farm-tree. Like the
one I've always imagined would be the exact size to fit in my larger-than-life
(no Backstreet Boys reference here) Christmas tree corner. 

Craig led the way, moving a park table near our tree.

Manual labor ain't no thang for the Heckmans. And it was cold out! Well, for
this Florida girl anyway. 

Want the steps for uber-great
Christmas card photos? Here goes:

1. Be stupid silly in love
2. Walk to nearby park
3. Find the biggest, greenest fir tree
4. Sit under/stand in front of it & be yourself
5. And you think I'm kidding

Big thanks to the Heckmans for sitting their pretty mugs (and feet)
in front of my camera.

Hope you find that perfect evergreen, and perfect love, this season.


Melissa S said...

Great job Lorin! And what a great couple Sarah and Craig are - their love just shines through the photographs.

Crystal Marie said...

This is beautiful. said...

The idea with the star is very lucky. It somehow makes the setting more merry and more Christmas) The feet proved out to be really photogenic!

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