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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are You Hungry? Nah, I Had Some Wind

 [Image via: here]

If you haven't already watched the comedic efforts of Harvard Sailing Team, an "Ivy League" sketch comedy group, you're. going. to. love. this!

My coworkers and I pull up their YouTube videos almost daily.

This NY-based group of 5 girls & 4 guys neither sails, nor hails from Harvard. And they're hilarious - in a I'm-not-trying-I-was-born-with-genius-timing way.

Here's one of their funniest videos to date:

P.S. Today's title comes from a joke at 1:24 in the video.


Crystal Marie said...

Funny stuff! No wonder my closest friends are guys; I don't think I could handle girls like this.

And pinkberry isn't good to me, btw. But, I'm weird about food. lol.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for sharing this!! Got me through my late night (wait. It's only 9:20?) studying session!


Juli said...

i love myself and i hate myself!!! ha!

Laura Ashley said...

hahaha sooo funny :):) besties with.. well we dont have anything that rhymes with that!

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